2016's New Superfood: Black Pudding!

Black Pudding Superfood

Bury Black Pudding has appeared on a list of Superfoods! Loaded with protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and practically carb free its popularity is expected to grow.

In addition to the list above Black Pudding is also rich in iron and zinc, two mineral frequently missing from modern diets. (Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue and poor concentration.)

This staple of the full English Breakfast joined seaweed, black beans, avocado oil, teff grains and birch water on a list of key superfoods.

Bury has long been the home of the Black Pudding and two local barbarities (Chadwicks and The Bury Black Pudding Company) are available on the Market every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from stalls located on Edward Block and operated by the respective businesses.

Published: 12 Jan 2016