Bury Black Pudding Contest in the House of Commons!

Houses of Parliament

A Contest to establish whether Bury makes the best black pudding in the country could soon take place in the House of Commons.

The mouthwatering dish was mentioned in Parliament last Thursday during a question-and-answer session with the Leader of the House, Chris Grayling.

Mr Nuttall spoke in Parliament about a suggestion raised by some fellow MPs "that the black pudding made in their constituencies is in the same league as Bury black pudding".

"This is clearly a scurrilous suggestion that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible," he joked.

Mr Grayling replied: "We are clearly going to have to hold a black pudding tasting contest in this house."

"As we know, the Shadow Deputy Leader of the House, Melanie Onn, does like black pudding, so she can take part."

The topic was up for discussion as Mr Nuttall had asked for Parliamentary debate on the export value and potential of Bury black pudding after he visited Bury Black Pudding Company in Bridge Hall Lane.

Pete Winkler from the company said he was pleased the firm was mentioned at Westminster.

He added: "Export is a growing market for us. We export to France, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

"Hong Kong is a new market and the product has found its way out to Dubai.

"There's America, we're looking at it, which is a massive market. We've just gone into Canada and we'd like to go into Australia but there are obstacles."

Published: 27 Jan 2016