The Golden Years Caravan

Golden Years Caravan

Retirement: the golden time in life. A chance to travel the world, legitimately use the phrase, 'not in my day', whilst rolling around in your massive retirement fund with a grey-blue rinse.

As an ageing population spending almost a third of our lives in our 'golden years', how do we disrupt and push back against the stereotypes of cruises and compression stockings?

Tired of the media's portrayal of grumpy Grandad's, passive pensioners and senile seniors, Art with Heart set about challenging the ageing conversation by creating a space to share the voices and talents of older people in their local community.

Grab a brew inside The Golden Years Caravan, a roving cinema and art gallery featuring a series of ambitious artworks which confront common perceptions of ageing and retirement.

The Golden Years Caravan is a celebration of the curiosity, creativity and culture of Greater Manchester's 'golden generation' and shares stories of what it's really like to grow older in Greater Manchester in 2019.

It's coming to Bury Market on the 17th of July, so if you're an older person living around the area, make sure that you come down and give it a visit!