Fish and meat hall

The centrepiece of Bury Market is a state of the art Fish and Meat Hall, which is an eye-catching, lively, modern market building, forming an attractive landmark and retailing anchor to the Market.

It is built in an oval shape and constructed of steel and glass with large projecting canopies that afford a high degree of weather protection to the leasehold shop units that form the perimeter of the building known as the Market Plaza.

Every year Bury Market attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers drawn by the many bargains and sheer variety that can be found there and with High Street Butchers and Fishmongers becoming a rare sight in modern towns and cities, the collection of skills and produce on offer within this one building is a reminder of what a pleasurable experience shopping for fresh food can be.

On Full Market Days a visitor to the Fish and Meat Hall will be entertained by the theatre of the stallholders shouting out their wares and announcing the 'deals of the day'. This hubbub is a stark contrast to the sterile environment of the modern supermarket which can only offer piped music and beeping tills by way of a soundtrack.

The Fish and Meat Hall opens Monday to Saturday with a half day on Tuesday, the best days to visit are the three Full Market Days of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as not all stalls open on the Non-Market Days and dependent on availability of stock there may be no Fish on sale on Mondays. It is recommended you contact the Market Office on 0161 253 6520 on Non-Market Days to check which stalls are open if you are travelling to the Market for a specific stall.